Tuesday, October 5, 2010


We still need to do some stuff before we can even start with concepts.

Gathering References for:

I would like you to search for european castle examples and send them to me.
We can discuss which style will be the most suitable for the first castle.
So you have references and idea what we are going for.

Also bird-views of castlestructures would be helpful too, so we get a idea how they were build.
I will post later on some stuff about how castles were build to get some knowledge about them.

thats for now.
Main priority: Castle References/Concepts

castle reference

Project Gabriel

Project Gabriel will be a fast-paced action fantasy medieval RPG survival game.
Simply: Defend your base against the ambushing forces.

Although the game concepts doesn't sound new, we will try our best to make the game experience unique and breathtaking.

We will post references and other stuff from time to time. So it's more like a sharing point.
As we progress more in the game development, this blog will change to project blog with no references and such anymore.